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After close to 7 years completing a frame off restoration of a 1923 Chevrolet Superior Touring car I began the search for an upholstery shop that was up to the challenge of completing the restoration with superb attention to detail and an uncompromising level of quality. After reading the reviews from other customers and the fact he was an authorized installer for Lebaron Bonney I was convinced he was the right choice. When one is restoring antique vehicles as close as possible to original factory specifications, attention to even the smallest detail becomes absolutely critical. Just as important as the body and paint, the interior is focal point of the car once you get up close. Paul Cho completed this very difficult project with no patterns and very limited photos to go by with the highest level of workmanship that only a skilled master craftsman could accomplish. Early on during one of my first visits to Paul’s shop during the restoration I was impressed with the care and degree of concern he gave the car ensuring it was well protected. I knew then I had made the right choice. You will be exceptionally pleased with the results, and you will work with a true gentleman and professional! A rare commodity in the industry today.

Tom England Chesapeake, VA
Based upon other reviews of Paul’s work that I had read and the fact that he is an authorized installer of Lebaron Bonney interiors, I drove the 200 miles each way to his location to have him restore the front seats from my 1930 Buick Victoria Coupe. When delivered to him these seats were in absolutely abysmal condition. Paul had to completely replace and rebuild the entire spring system as they were damaged beyond repair. Paul did an outstanding job in restoring the front seats, and they now look and feel every bit as nice as the day the car left the factory in 1930. I am so impressed with his work; I am going the ship the entire car to his shop in Virginia Beach for him to do the remainder of the interior. If you are looking for high quality work and great customer service, Paul’s Custom Interiors is as good as it gets.
Michael P. O’Docharty Wake Forest, NC
I am so happy with how my 66 Suburban turned out it should be illegal. I drove the Suburban out to Virginia a little over a year ago from San Diego, California. I’ve been living here in Virginia Beach for the past year and I will shortly be returning to San Diego. I started building the truck in 2003 and the only unfinished work on it was the interior. Over the past 30 years I’ve built or restored many cars and pick up trucks and I’ve had all of my upholstery work done by one of two shops in San Diego. Both of those shops are highly regarded for the exceptional quality of their work. The job you did on my Suburban is flat out the best upholstery job I have ever had. Period.

Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is first rate. Your suggestions and recommendations throughout the job were excellent…your eye for color and fabric combinations was outstanding. The end result is tasteful, subtle and high quality.

I’m going to be shipping the truck back to San Diego in the next month or so, just in time for the various cruise nights to begin throughout San Diego County. The interior of my Suburban will no doubt draw a lot of attention. And I’ll have a lot of fun telling people who believe Southern California is the car Mecca of the Universe that the entire interior was done by Paul Cho of Paul’s Custom Interiors in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Trust me, people will be shocked and amazed.

Thank you again, you did an outstanding job and I couldn’t be happier.

Well done.

D. L. Imrie San Diego, CA
When you are restoring antique vehicles as closely as possible to original factory specifications, attention to even the smallest details becomes absolutely crucial. Just as important as the body and paint, the interior becomes the focal point once the door is opened. Paul Cho performed interior restorations on five of my antique vehicles and all were done with the highest level of workmanship that only a skilled craftsman operating with perfection in mind could accomplish. My cars completed by Paul include a 1949 Packard Super Deluxe, 1953 Packard Clipper “Pickup Truck”, 1954 Packard Patrician, 1956 Packard Four Hundred and a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500. Paul’s work is done only one way and that is the right way. Not even a minor detail is overlooked. He’s the most skilled upholstery technician I have met in over thirty years of collecting and restoring antique vehicles.
Bruce Sedel Chesapeake, VA
My wife and I have been involved with the classic car hobby for over 30 years and have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Paul Cho for the past ten years. He is undoubtedly the master craftsman of interior restoration. Our 1st place awards at both the Hilton Head Concourse d’Elegance and the Greenwich Concourse d’Elegance is testament to his unparalleled creativity and resourcefulness. He is truly the artist and I find his prices to be most reasonable.
Dr. Bob and Linda Pellerin Virginia Beach, VA
If you want upholstery work done right, call Pauls Custom Interiors. Excellent work with custom fitting. Very happy.

Bob Ross TVR Owner
Paul you may quote me on this – – – – – Recently I had Paul Cho reupholster my “James Bond” Aston Martin DB-5. Why? Because he is the best on the East Coast.

Thomas Grimshaw
Paul is an Upholstery Perfectionist! He has done the 56 Chevy Hot Rod the 32 Ford race car, the Lola t 70 coupe and just finished 67 Corvette Coupe. His work will stand up to any National Award winning cars.

Bill Thumel Abacus Racing
We just had a complete renewal of the interior upholstery in our 1965 Rambler done by Paul Cho. Without question, the skill and workmanship Paul produced in the finished product is second to none. The seats were matched exactly to what they had been originally from the factory, and the new carpet and top boot complete an outstanding restoration. Paul is the best – he takes great pride in his work, and is meticulous in every detial. He will ensure that you as a customer are satisfied with the results, and has our thanks for a job done to perfection.
Neil and Marty Sugermeyer
When I was close to completing the total “Frame Off” restoration on my 1929 Buick I decided to have the upholstery done by Paul Cho. I had seen his work and was impressed with his attention to detail and quality of his work.
When he finished my car I was NOT disappointed! His work exceeded my expectation!
The car was taken to him with all the interior in bags and much of the patterns were in poor condition. The front seat cushion was incorrect and had to be manufactured from scratch. I am very happy with the job Paul did and would recommend him to anyone wanting a quality upholstery done for their car.
Kenneth Talley
I first met Paul over twenty years ago when he did a boat restoration project with me…a beautiful job. Since that time, we have developed a relationship on both a personal and professional level. I have followed his career and watched him mature into an honest, hard working man…a master craftsman and a perfectionist to the highest degree.
Richard Talton Henderson, NC
Paul Cho is a true master in the custom upholstery business. He has completed several custom projects for me, including a classic speed boats, and a 1964 Lincoln Continental. He has also provided tremendous assistance and advice on a 1961 Oldsmobile Bubbletop…a project that my 15 year old son and I are undertaking. I extend my appreciation and very highest recommendation for Paul Cho and Paul’s Custom Interiors.
Chris Hooper Virginia Beach, VA
I enjoyed working with Paul Cho on refurbishing the interior of my 1962 Corvette. Work that had been done by others was really bad. Paul’s work demonstrates what a true professional can accomplish in quality and looks. The work he did appears better than “brand new.” He has great attention for detail, and when he has a question, he calls to discuss options instead of just forging ahead. I was pleased with the time it took to complete the project and the cost, as both were very fair and reasonable. If you have a favorite vehicle in need of interior restoration, I highly recommend Paul’s Custom Interiors. You will not be disappointed with the results, and you will get to work with a gentleman with a pleasant personality and professional skills that are hard to find in this industry.
Ron Spivey Smithfield, VA